Apps to Help You Through

There are many other apps you could try which could be helpful but these are some suggestions to try or you may find your own that you like better.

Mind Shift (Android|Apple) is a mental health app designed specifically for teens and young adults with anxiety.  Rather than trying to avoid anxious feelings, Mind Shift stresses the importance of changing how you think about anxiety.  It can encourage you to take charge of your life, ride out intense emotions, and face challenging situations.

Self Help for Anxiety Management (Android|Apple) might be perfect for you if you’re interested in self-help, but meditation isn’t your thing. Users are prompted to build their own 24-hour anxiety toolkit that allows you to track anxious thoughts and behaviour over time, and learn 25 different self-help techniques. You can also use SAM’s “Social Cloud” feature to confidentially connect with other users in an online community for additional support.

Happify (Android|Apple) Need a happy fix? With its psychologist-approved mood-training program, the Happify app is your fast-track to a good mood. Try various engaging games, activity suggestions, gratitude prompts and more to train your brain as if it were a muscle, to overcome negative thoughts.

The Headspace (Android|Apple) app makes meditation simple. Learn the skills of mindfulness and meditation by using this app for just a few minutes per day. You gain access to hundreds of meditations on everything from stress and anxiety to sleep and focus. The app also has a handy “get some headspace” reminder to encourage you to keep practicing each day

Calm (Android|Apple) provides people experiencing stress and anxiety with guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music. This app is truly universal; whether you’ve never tried meditation before or regularly practice, you’ll find the perfect program for you.

Smiling Mind (Android|Apple) is a way to practice daily meditation and mindfulness exercises from any device. Smiling Mind is a unique tool developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to your life. This is really helpful during times of stress and is a fun and unique way to help you put a smile on your mind.

Helpful Links

When in self-isolation affected by coronavirus

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General self-help about managing your own mental health and sleep



Mental Health Support

Online self-help programs you can access to help support your mental health and sleep

Beating the Blues: Online CBT

Sleepio: Help for Sleep

And for help with more severe anxiety and depression from an on line therapist:

IESO: Free Online CBT

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